Differences between basic and comprehensive CSV export

Basic CSV export includes information sorted by the following categories:

  • Expense category
  • Total amount category
  • Item count category

While the list of categories may be small, they contain the most important data and are enough for filling out your self-assessment form.

If you want to download the photos of the receipts for that period just tap the PDF export file. It saves all your receipts for the tax period as images.

As a Prime user, you can choose between basic and comprehensive CSV export. The comprehensive CSV export file contains all the data for every receipt you've uploaded:

  • Total amount
  • Date of the receipt
  • Date of the submission of the receipt
  • Supplier’s name
  • Receipt's total amount
  • Self-assessment total
  • Expense category - business category
  • Submission method - meaning what type of device you've used
  • Notes category
  • Tags category
  • Image category - contains a link for every receipt, which you can copy into in your browser and you'll see the photo of the receipt


The comprehensive CSV export file gives you access to all the details of your receipts’ data. That's the biggest advantage of this feature. Because you can edit and delete receipts as you wish.

It's really easy to manage your receipt's date in a spreadsheet. You can organise your data by customised categories by adding such to your table. You can manage your data by the date range you need, allowing you to make monthly and weekly reports for your expenses.

If you have a different than the standard tax period - don't worry! Extract your data and then you can prepare your self-assessment using the export file. Let's say you have different business categories - don't worry about either! Add a note to your receipt and you will easily manage to add a new business category in the spreadsheet and copy the receipts with the same note description to that destination.

Do you want to keep on track your personal expenses as well? Great! Just add a note - personal, and then in comprehensive CSV file you can rearrange your personal expenses separately from your business ones.

Maybe you just want to share your data with your accountant - it's easy as this:

1. Tap the settings menu.

2. Tap CSV export.

3. Choose the type of CSV export and tax period.

4. Type the email of your accountant.

You are ready! In a few minutes, your accountant will receive an email with your data!

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