Difference between 1Tap Receipts and Receipt Bank

At 1Tap, we are passionate about providing solutions that unburden sole traders and in turn save precious time and maximise tax returns. Basically, we help non-VAT sole traders to track their expenses. Our purpose is to make the whole process of filling out their self-assessment form as easy as possible. 

On the other hand, Receipt Bank does do VAT, because it's designed for limited companies and VAT sole traders. Receipt Bank also offers you integrations with many of the accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, KashFlow, SageOne and others, and 1Tap doesn't.

1Tap = Self-employment and offers:

  • Receipt scanning
  • CSV and PDF export feature
  • HMRC categorisation of expenses
  • Preview of self-assessment form
  • Emailing payment documents
  • Two-sided expense upload
  • Manual entry expense upload
  • Receipt cloud storage
  • Sharing data with accountant through Receipt's Bank Practice Platform

Receipt Bank = Limited company and, in addition to all the features of 1Tap offers:

  • Web app for desktop computers
  • Project & client tracking
  • VAT extraction
  • Integration with all major accounting software
  • Expense Reports
  • Multi-User support
  • Used by 1,000s of UK limited companies and Accounting firms
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