How do I see my Self Assessment form?

You can see your self-assessment form at any time. It is automatically filled out with the data extracted from your receipts. You can also send the form to your email whenever you like. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the app.

2. Tap on the HMRC button to access the details of your self-assessment form.

3. Choose the tax period for which you want to see the self-assessment details.

4. Now you will see your self-assessment form, which is filled out with the extracted data from the uploaded receipts. Scroll down to see the calculated total amounts, organised by the HMRC categories.

4.1. Another way to see that information is to tap on PDF form button or Tax form button for Android OS. This will open your self-assessment form in a PDF view. You can even share that information by sending it through email, just tap on the button in the top right corner. This will lead you to an email composition screen. After you are ready with the email, just send it!

5. If you want to go back, just tap the Done button for iOS users and the Back button for the Android users.

6. If you want to export the data in CSV export file, just tap on the CSV export button.

7. If you want to go back to the main page of the app, just tap the Expenses button in the bottom left corner.

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